inCubus New Game for Palm OS

inCubus GameinDev Software has released a new game exclusively for Palm OS devices. inCubus is billed by its developer as a "simple but addictive logical game which will explode your mind!" The game combines elements from Bejeweled, Tetris and Color Lines to create an intriguing and unique new puzzle contest. There are three different game types and user selectable diffuctulty levels and point goals.

inCubus v1.00 is available now for devices running Palm OS 5 and higher with a high resolution display. It comes with a free trial period and sells for $9.95 USD.

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Two Things

PacManFoo @ 12/27/2007 11:08:14 PM # Q
Why is it when I viewed this article from my TX I was unable to get to a Trial Version download link while I can from my computer?

Second, why even have a trial if you can't try the game. It only allows for 3 minutes of "practice". Nothing in the "practice" thrilled me enough to leave it on my TX for more then 5 minutes.

OK three things. Why not come up with a more original idea for a game? This feels like a poor mans Bejeweled to me. I've had Bejeweled for several years already.

I really want to support existing Palm developers but what is being put out right now (for the most part) is very sad or only supports Treos. I have ten years worth of Palm software, I don't need to buy more, but I would if something unique came along.

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