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1 8/19/2011 First Pre 3 Hands-on reports Emerge from the UK
HP's Pre 3 is entering the market with the softest of soft launches possible. Nevertheless, some Pre 3 units have hit eager customers' hands in the UK and the first initial usage reports and…
2 8/19/2011 UK Carriers Give Cold Shoulder to Pre 3
The possibly still upcoming Pre 3, arguably the year's most eagerly-anticipated WebOS device, has become the surprising recipient of a cold shoulder by the entire UK wireless market, according to a…
3 5/19/2010 Sprint Exec States the Pre Didn't Work Out
Sprint's CFO Robert Brust has gone on record stating that the companies huge push for the Palm Pre launch was a disappointment for the carrier. At an investment conference covered by the WSJ, Mr.…
4 4/1/2010 FCC Approves the AT&T Palm Pre Plus
The FCC has given its regulatory stamp of approval to the P101UNA aka the AT&T version of the Palm Pre Plus. Interested users can check out the related OET Exhibits List doc's over here, but most of…
5 1/25/2010 Canada Bell Drops Pre to Free
Bell Mobility in Canada is now giving the Palm Pre away when customers sign up for a new contract. In its third major price drop since launching the handset late last August. The new price…
6 1/5/2010 Cool K07 Palm Pre Knockoff Issued
The Palm Pre has been shanzai'd again, this time under the Cool K07 moniker. A site called Solomobi is now selling the Sunnyvale inspired model for a cool $128 credits. Cool's take includes a…
7 12/9/2009 Palm Pre Headed to the Czech Republic
Telefonica O2 Czech Republic, or T-O2, plans to offer the Palm Pre and is currently testing the smartphone on its network according to a T-O2 spokesperson. reports (via IntoMobile)…
8 11/12/2009 Telcel to Launch the Palm Pre in Mexico
Palm Inc. today announced that the Palm Pre is scheduled to be available on Nov. 27 in Mexico on the Telcel network. Telcel will be offering the HSDPA/GSM/UMTS version of the Pre and it will not have…
9 11/4/2009 Bell Canada Lowers Pre Price Again
Bell Mobility in Canada has lowered the introductory price on the Palm Pre for the second time in as many weeks. The device can now be had for $99.95 CAD with a three year contract and data plan.…
10 10/28/2009 Official Fix for Unlocked Pre SIM Issue En Route
Finally, international buyers of the unlocked German Palm Pre can rest easy: Palm are working on a fix for those nagging SIM incompatibility issues. Director of Product PR Leslie Letts has provided…
11 10/23/2009 An Ever-Growing List of Compatible Palm Pre GSM Carriers  
12 10/22/2009 Bell Canada Lowers Pre Price  
13 10/16/2009 Palm Pre Makes its UK Debut  
14 10/16/2009 Full List Of Compatible Palm Pre Carriers?  
15 10/15/2009 'Unlocked' German Palm Pre Still A Bit Locked  
16 10/13/2009 Palm Pre O2 UK Launch Party  
17 10/13/2009 Das Palm Pre Smartphone Kommt  
18 10/12/2009 Hype Watch: Pre's UK Launch To Outdo iPhone?  
19 10/9/2009 Palm Pre Clone Spotted Overseas  
20 10/7/2009 Palm Pre To Debut In Spain October 14  
21 9/26/2009 Palm Pre Video Recording Demo'd  
22 9/24/2009 German Palm Pre Sold SIM-Free with QWERTZ  
23 9/24/2009 GSM Palm Pre Phones Due for Europe October 13  
24 9/14/2009 Palm Pre Goes On Exhibition In London  
25 9/13/2009 A Meet My Palm Pre Double Feature  
26 9/10/2009 The Palm Pre Impresses Children  
27 9/8/2009 Sprint Palm Pre Drops to $150  
28 9/8/2009 Preware 0.8.5 Released, With Speed Enhancements  
29 9/5/2009 Video of Palm Pre webOS 1.2 in Action  
30 9/5/2009 webOS 1.2 Brings LED Notifications, Remote App Removal  
31 9/4/2009 webOS v1.2 Update Discovered  
32 9/2/2009 Preware v0.8 Now Available  
33 9/2/2009 Palm's Facebook Page Giving Away a Pre  
34 9/2/2009 HotSync for Classic Demo'd on Video  
35 9/1/2009 webos App Preview: NaNplayer  
36 8/31/2009 Bell Takes The Palm Pre Bowling  
37 8/31/2009 Palm Pre: The Missing Manual Published  
38 8/28/2009 Evidence Found of Proper Cut/Copy/Paste in webOS SDK  
39 8/28/2009 Meet My Palm Pre, Episode 3  
40 8/25/2009 CNBC on Palm's Last Throw of the Dice  

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