Most Popular Articles of 2007

2007 Most PopularIn this article we take a look back at some of the most popular posts on PalmInfocenter in 2007. We've compiled a list of the most viewed, most discussed and top articles in certain areas from the past year in Palm news.

Most Viewed Articles in 2007

  1. Treo 755p Review
  2. New Treo Smartphone Images Leaked (Gandolf/Centro)
  3. Palm Centro Review
  4. Treo 800p Live Spy Shots
  5. Palm Centro Smartphone Due This Fall
  6. Treo 755p and 800w Heading to Verizon?
  7. TomTom Navigator 6 Updated Maps Review
  8. Palm Announces New Linux Based Mobile Platform
  9. Treo 755p Shows Up on Sprint Schedule
  10. Palm Announces Treo 750 Windows Mobile 6 Update

Clearly the "most read" news of the year at PalmInfocenter centered around Palm's new Palm OS products the Treo 755p and Palm Centro. The pageviews metric is a little skewed by the masses of people that reach PIC via google searches so this isn't the most reliable picture of what was most popular throughout the year.

Articles with the most comments in 2007

  1. (483) Editorial: Treo vs the iPhone: 10 Rounds
  2. (294) Palm Cancels the Foleo
  3. (254) Palm Officially Introduces the Foleo
  4. (203) Apple Announces the iPhone
  5. (172) Notes from the Foleo Webcast
  6. (157) Editorial: iPhone or iClone?
  7. (156) Hawkins Interview with Palm's Foleo Team
  8. (148) Palm Foleo Hands On Gallery
  9. (144) CNET Interview with Jeff Hawkins
  10. (144) Palm Announces New Linux Based Mobile Platform

Here we see a somewhat more revealing glimpse into what had most readers attention at PalmInfocenter in 2007. The iPhone was clearly a polarizing topic as Apple fanboi's raided the discussion when confronted with a head to head editorialized comparison of the Treo and iPhone. The Foleo also weighed heavily on the comment boards as Palm fans reacted with an a abundance of skepticism for the concept.

Top 5 Reviews (Non Device)

  1. TomTom Navigator 6 Updated Maps Review
  2. Kinoma vs. PocketTunes Streaming Comparison
  3. Palm Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard Review
  4. Gx5 DialByPhoto Review
  5. How to Do Everything with Your Palm-Powered Device Review

Top 5 Software Articles

  1. iPhony Launcher for Palm OS
  2. New Version of Google Maps for Palm OS Released
  3. Create Free Treo Ringtones With MiniTones
  4. Documents to Go v10 Adds Office 2007 Support
  5. CorePlayer v1.1 Update Released

Most Hits Overall (non-2007 Articles in bold)

  1. Palm Centro Review
  2. Treo 755p Review
  3. Most Have Treo Freeware
  4. Palm TX Review
  5. Treo 680 Review

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